Why should protective boots be certified?

by | May 2, 2024 | Safety boots

Protective boots, or soft toe boots, are an indispensable implement to safeguard safety in sectors such as agribusiness or general services. These workers face a variety of risks that require the use of special work boots to protect their feet. For this reason, it is important for protective boots to be certified for quality and safety, as is the case with safety boots. These certifications are not mere formalities, but vital safeguards for the safety and well-being of workers in hazardous environments. Today at Croydon, we will tell you why the protective boots you choose for your workers should be certified and how this will help you preserve safety in your company.

What are protective boots?

Protective boots are soft-toed boots that protect against external agents such as humidity, dirt, cold, mud, harmful liquids, unstable terrain, among others. Our Croydon protective boots are made of PVC, which makes them waterproof, flexible, lightweight and more economical and sustainable than rubber boots. The protective boots are very comfortable and ideal for arduous working days. In addition, they have soles with electrical hazard protection and deep tread to prevent slipping and falling. Protective boots are commonly used in agriculture, animal husbandry, floriculture, pig farming and general services. In most of these sectors it is necessary to use certified boots, such as our Croydon protection boots.Why should protection boots be certified?Our Croydon protection boots have the ASTM F2892 – 18 quality seal certification granted by ICONTEC, which regulates PVC protection boots. Here are some reasons why protection boots should be certified.

1. Safety guarantee

In work environments where there are occupational hazards such as slipping, moisture or electrical hazards, worker safety must be a priority. When you choose certified protective boots, you ensure that your workers are equipped with footwear specifically designed to withstand the hazards of your industry. These boots have been tested for strength, quality and performance. The F2892 – 18 certification granted by ICONTEC not only ensures that Croydon’s PVC protective boots meet established standards, but also provides peace of mind and confidence to both employers and employees. A worker who knows that he has certified work boots will work with the certainty that his employer is looking out for his safety and providing him with safe, quality equipment.

2. Regulatory compliance

Certified protective boots play a key role in labor regulation. Labor and safety regulations in many industries require employers to provide their workers with the proper equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ( this, of course, includes protective boots). By choosing certified protective boots, your company will be demonstrating compliance with these regulations, which can avoid penalties and position your brand as a responsible and safe one.

3. Accident and injury prevention

Botas de protecciónCertified protective boots are designed to prevent a variety of injuries caused by hazards such as: slips and falls on unstable ground; risk of electric shock; illness or infection from moisture, among others. These boots are a vital barrier between your workers and potential hazards – which can have serious consequences for their health and for your company. When you choose certified protective footwear, you reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries, creating a safe and, therefore, productive work environment.

3. Quality

Certification of protective boots not only ensures safety and regulatory compliance, it also guarantees quality. These certifications are a guarantee that protective boots meet specific quality standards in terms of materials, performance and workmanship. This is relevant because, if you choose low-quality protective boots, they could perform poorly, resulting in danger to workers. In contrast, our Croydon protective boots have undergone extensive testing to ensure their quality, strength and durability in challenging conditions. Quality boots are safe for workers, and they are a good investment for your company because they won’t need to be replaced after a short time.

4. Sense of belonging

The use of certified protective boots can have a positive impact on your employees’ sense of ownership. By providing certified work boots, companies demonstrate a tangible commitment to the safety and well-being of their workers. This demonstrates that companies value the physical integrity of their employees and are willing to invest in their safety. Your employees will feel a sense of trust in your organization, which can increase their sense of belonging. This is positive because, when an employee feels appreciated, they tend to feel a greater identification with the company and more motivated to perform their jobs, which equals better productivity.

Certified Croydon protective boots

As mentioned above, all our protective boots have the F2892 – 18 certification granted by ICONTEC. The references of Croydon protection boots that we recommend are:

As you can see, the certification of protective boots is essential to preserve the safety, well-being and confidence of workers in hazardous work environments. Certification is not a mere formality, but a vital measure to protect your workers and, at the same time, show your company’s firm commitment to them and their safety. In this context, it is best to choose a reliable brand with years of experience in the protective and safety footwear industry, such as Croydon. Our protective boots are the perfect combination of quality, safety and comfort. We invite you to explore our extensive catalog of protective boots, where you’ll find everything from rugged options for agribusiness to lighter options for general service, floriculture and more. We’re sure you’ll find the ideal certified protective boots to take care of your workers’ feet.

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